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Proske Plastic Products, Inc., uses premium grade vinyl ester and polyester resins in all our products as a standard.  We can provide equipment fabricated with furan and epoxy resins as well.

Our team of engineers and technicians have many years of experience in the field of fiberglass and thermoplastic fabrication technology.

We specialize in fiberglass composite products fabricated by a Custom Contact Molding Process "Hand Lay-up" method. Based on this process, there is a higher resin to glass ratio which can yield a longer service life for non-metallic equipment used in many of today's corrosive environments for the chemical processing industry and other related markets.

Initial cost for these products may be somewhat higher verses some of our competitor's methods of manufacturing using a filament winding process, but contact molded equipment can be a less expensive long-term solution for many applications because of fewer replacement intervals and low maintenance cost.  Many of our products have been in service for over 25 years with no history of needed repairs or replacement.

Remember, Quality is Our First Priority!